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Smithing guide

Post  psycenigma on Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:52 pm

•Smithy - The smithy arms your troops and enhances your magical weapons.

• Armoury - The armoury allows the production of armaments.


So what can i do in my smithy?

Main uses are:
•To be able to upgrade the equipment that your legends can wear. By making it +1, +2” etc this is called forging.
•To be able to able to give extra bonus to the legends equipment, such as mounting gems. Called enhancing.
•But also it enables you to be able to upgrade your armoury.

Forging or upgrading ur equipment

What do i need?

First you need a smithy of at least lvl 1 in your city you wish to forge, obviously some equipment that you want to upgrade and finally bluestones and redstones.

Ok so how do i do it?

1. Open your smithy (click the building in your city)
2. Click the first brown button (smith)
3. At the top left corner, hit the green + symbol next to Select Equipment
4. Click the piece of equipment you would like to enhance, then click the green Add button
5. Next add the bluestones or redstones you want to add to the process, you will see the % chance of success changes.
6. At the lower right corner of your window, click the green paint brush-looking button ( smith)

How do i know what stones to use?

The stones needed to have 100% success rates are:
Level 0 -> Level 1: 4 bluestones
Level 1 -> Level 2: 1 redstone
Level 2 -> Level 3: 1 bluestone, 1 redstone
Level 3 -> Level 4: 1 redstone, 5 bluestones ....or 2 redstones

As you get to higher levels it becomes more difficult to gain success in forging.

Enhancing or adding gems to your equipment

The smithy allows you to add bonuses (i.e. gems) to your legend’s equipment, which gives them an advantage in battles.

So what do i need?

To be able to add the bonuses to your equipment you need, a smithy of at least lvl 1 in the city you wish to enhance, a gem (the bonus item), the equipment you want to enhance, (if you have them a gem rune and jewel rune will increase the chance of success).

There are 3 types of gems that add bonuses:
Emeralds (green) eg bolt emerald. Requires +4 forge on the equipment.
Sapphires (blue) eg hail sapphire. Requires +8 forge on the equipment.
Rubies (red) eg blood ruby

How do i add the bonuses to equipment?

1. Click on your Smithy.
2. Select the second brown button (''Mount gems'')
3. Click on the brown "+" sign in the top-left corner of the window, and choose the equipment you wish to add bonuses to.
4. Select the jewel you want to use during Enhancement, by clicking on the brown "+" signs next to each jewel slot (click on the sign next to "Emerald slot" if using an Emerald, the sign next to "Sapphire slot" if using a Sapphire, etc.)
5. Tick the box(es) next to the Jewel Rune and/or Gem Rune items, to increase the success rate of Enhancement (again, this is shown at the bottom of the window).
6. When you are happy with the Enhancement success rate, click the green "Mount gems" button, in the bottom-right corner of the window.


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