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this is 2 guides mashed together. They were given to me buy the leader of Zero (the leading alliance on our server.) Please give them a read Smile

[9:20:09 PM] Jamie says: General guide
[9:20:11 PM] Jamie says: So this is the big one, the one that is going to take me like two hours to write, and will encompass all aspects of the game, from love, betrayal, hate, greed, banana's and waking up at stupid hours to start another building going.

So where to begin? Well the majority of you have already played on other servers, and so are already aware of the various aspects of the game, so instead of telling you what to do from day one, im just going to show you how i play the game, something that doesn't necessarily make it right, but it worked for me and kept me rank one until i had stopped grinding.

If there is anything that i miss, feel free to comment and ill add extra bits here and there. Otherwise, sit back, adjust your glasses, get a pillow and maybe a cup of tea, and drift off whilst i ramble on for several pages.

The Inner City - setup

I personally have found that your Capital and Sub-city setups will always differ. I think the most important thing to mention is that your Capital for the majority of the game will serve as the launch base for your Army, as your main legend CANNOT leave your Capital. Because of this, i prefer to have the majority of my Garrisons centered in my Capital. I would recommend having 4 garrisons, and 1 of each other building, excluding your Ally Base. Other than that, the rest of the slots should be dedicated to villages. Below is an image of my Capital's setup (NB. I have only 3 garrisons as i sacrificed a spot for my Ally Base)

Your Sub Cities should be as useless as possible in the eyes of your opponent. You often will abandon Subs for Famous Cities or during war when you wish to steal your opponents subs and abandon them. With this in mind, the Inner City setup for my subs is generally focussed on maximizing Gold earnings, and minimizing the capacity to build troops. Below is an image of my first Sub city

Its entirely up to you how you wish to build up your cities, but i have found that the setup i currently use allows for maximum gold earning through tax and prevents, in the event of a capture, my enemy making full use of my Sub as a source of military strength.

The Outer City - setup

Due to the mechanics of the game, the best way to maximize your resource production is to specialize in a resource in each of your cities. Your wildlands boost your production by a percentage base, and by stacking multiple wildlands on a specialized resource, you are able to max out production rates at over 300k/hour. This means that hitting other players for resources is no longer an issue, and you can focus your time on grinding your legends up ready to take the all important Famous Cities.

Your Main legend is limited to your capital, and so you realistically want the majority of your army to be centered here as well. Because of this, its extremely important to specialize your capital in Food. This allows for much bigger armys, and also allows you to keep troops idle, as later on you will need stores of idle troops for taking on each floor of an SP, or conquering an FC.

I would recommend that you then focus your first Sub-city on wood production, as this is the first major commodity that you will need from an early stage for producing archers. Later on when you reach State Minister and take a second Sub-city, you can then specialize in Copper for quick Chariot production. The other bonus that you get from running your cities this way is that you don't stand to lose troops from invading other cities on the hunt for resources, so your Garrisons are not as jam packed with troops being queued up for Conscription. Once you have maxed out your resource fields, you can produce enough resources per hour to build 1000 archers each hour, which is the same as sustaining 4 level 20 garrisons building archers 24/7 with level 20 conscription researched. Thus your farming days are over!

Legends - What to do with them

You ideally want to aim to have 5 legends that you use for grinding on Wildlands. Later on you will expand that number further, but a strong team of 5 is all you need to be a military power that makes enemies quake with fear. I personally recommend using either 3 Warriors and 2 Seers, or 2 Warriors and 3 Seers, using the setup of:

Warrior = Archers
Warrior = Archers
Warrior = Halberdiers
Seer = Chariots
Seer = Chariots


Warrior = Archers
Warrior = Archers
Seer = Halberdiers
Seer = Chariots
Seer = Chariots

This provides you with a strong fighting force against other players, and is also the recommended setup for taking on FCs, as you use your Halberdiers to lower the numbers of Chariots you face against a main legend.

Your Governor's generally should be monk's as their Mag skill has a boosting effect on your resource production. Governors level up over time, so just be patient with them, but feel free to experiement with other types of troop as your Governor, and see if you can work out the changes you get from switching between them.

Other legends should be used in your wildlands. As previously mentioned you will be occupying wildlands to maximise your resource production, but you also want to station Legends in your Wildlands to conduct Explores and Searches every hour. Once you have two Sub-Cities, you are looking at 20+ wildlands being occupied, which means that in a day you can conduct 240 1 hour searches, and a further 20 12 hour searches over night. The same goes for explores, and of course the number increases with the number of wildlands that you own (or decreases). You can pick up a large number of items that are important for advancing, such as Heaven Boxes, Siderite Boxes, Meteors, and other things that are otherwise hard to come by. You also stand to pick up the Legacy Scrolls, which start you on new Legends quests and at the end give you a Legend with 35-39 Ab.

I personally find it easy to rename my legends based on what their role is, so any Legend that spends its life sat in a wildland exploring for me is aptly renamed "Wildland". Its important to micromanage, as it makes things easier for you once you are at a larger scale.

Archers - Why they are your best friend

Archers are without question the most powerful troop in the game. On paper, their statistics are laughable in comparison to Charioteers, who are stronger and faster, with a stronger defense. However archers benefit from "First Strike". In this, during a battle, archers will be gifted a free round at the start to deal damage on the enemy at 50% their normal strength. This means that if you were to knock out the opposing force in the first hit, you would stand to lose 0 troops. It is this system that has made grinding so quick and easy for players, otherwise rebuilding troops would be the name of the game!

So taking the above concept and putting it into practice is quite simple, you just need to send enough archers to wipe out all of the troops. During a battle, in the bottom right of the screen is an information box that lists what is going on. Here you can see the amount of damage being done by your legends and their troops. Using the Alliance Items (Crg and Str Bonus/Boost) you can maximize the amount of damage dealt, and using Armour such as Full Feral also increases the damage dealt. You want to aim to be hitting the highest level wildlands you possibly can as this not only increases the amount of Rep that you receive during training, but also increases the speed at which your legends will level up. There is already a thread on the forums that has a full list of the amount of damage you need to deal on each type of troop at each level of wildland. Take advantage of this to work out what you should aim to be hitting, and have fun grinding!

Armour Upgrades - and just about armour in general

Armour is very difficult to come by in this game. It could take you a month to pick up full Feral from Bronze Box drops, or a day to find full Jade. Either way, Armour is incredibly important. It boosts your legends stats, and allows you to deal more damage! By far the most useful is of course Full Feral, which when acquired will boost the attack of your archers during their "First Strike" by 10%. You are able to upgrade your armour in the Smithy, and at level 4 and 8 you can attach gems that have other effects that further boost your army's strength.

To upgrade your armour, you will need Bluestones and Redstones, which are easily found on a day to day basis, if not from the Trigram that seems to forever taunt you with its glittery spinning wheels and promise of a Jewel Box. Ill let you work out the best ratios for upgrading your armour at each level, but i would recommend that you keep your armour upgraded, as it is essential later on in the game.

The Trigram, Gold, and Taxation

Gold does become important at times. If you consider your expenses, something that sadly is never fun, you can see that on a day to day basis you can seriously plow through your savings quite quickly. Your legends sadly charge you Gold to send them on their way to wildlands, Alliance Items can get costly, and the Trigram happily takes 100k gold off you each day to see pretty Bluestones and Redstones land in your inventory. Because of this, its important to "earn" your way in the world.

Taxation is the first and most obvious way of bringing in the pennys. There are two methods recommended for maximizing income from Tax:

1) Setting tax at 100% and pacifying via Prayer when your loyalty hits 85
2) Setting tax at 100%, wait till your loyalty hits 70, then revert back to 10% until your tax reaches 90, and then repeat.

I personally use option 2, as i have found it earns more, and i just cant allow myself to waste gold on Pacify when i am in fact trying to acquire gold, it just feels to much like '1 step forward and 2 steps back'.

The other option is of course to stick a balaclava on, and go next door and steal some. If you use the Resource Specialization method that is discussed above, you will find yourself no longer needing 40k Halberdiers constantly farming to bring your resources in, so instead you can put your Halberdiers to good use stealing other peoples Gold. This wipes out any cash flow problems you have altogether!

The Trigram is the WOL equivilent of a slot machine. Sadly even the most primitive of slot machines however, will still take your money and give you nothing decent in return. However it is still strongly recommended that you make use of your 20 daily spins, as at times Bluestones and Redstones run out, and hey you never know, you may just get lucky and get a Lrg Cache

Defnding against attacks - eeek scawy

After much deliberation, and after pissing off enough people to get attacked enough times to learn the in's and out's of defending, I can happily say that defending against an attack is childs play. If you find yourself suddenly under attack, on a small scale, simply set 5 random and rather useless legends to defend with 1 archer each (making sure to check off the Auto Refill icon), and give each of those legends a weapon, preferably one that has the effect of decreasing your opponents army by 5-10%. Then when the attack arrives, make use of the weapons, and the end result should be that you lose 5 archers, and they lose 200+. This generally has the effect of stopping your opponent from returning, as they feel rather embarassed that they just got mugged!!

However in the event that you are under heavy attack, its important to know which attacks to defend and which to ignore. Because of this, its ESSENTIAL that you keep your watchtower as high as possible. Once you have established who is attacking you, find their legends in the highscores and see if they are stronger or weaker. If they are stronger, don't defend, as your just wasting troops on a lost cause. If they are weaker, defend, as you slow down the attacks and are able to keep your loyalty at a high level through Pacifying.

Of course if you are under attack, the first thing you should do is message Minipop, as he will then call in the Fire Brigade and such. But generally, defending attacks is best mastered through trial and error, so start annoying your neighbours so they are kind enough to attack you and let you work it out for yourself!
[9:20:37 PM] Jamie says: Guide to FCs
[9:20:38 PM] Jamie says: Sooo, you want to finally take a Famous City? Well, to save you the time and effort of reading a large essay about the ins and outs, im going to start with a checklist, and if you dont have one of the things on the list, then you can skip reading it until you have completed the list!

Segura's shopping list:
Sanitary Towels

Woops, wrong list

Seguras FC List


100-200 Revivals
1 Courage Bonus
1 Strategy Bonus
2 Courage Boosts
2 Strategy Boosts
3 Courage Plaques
3 Strategy Plaques
1 Fire shield
1 War Cry
1 Jade Bauble
5 Penants


Recommended to have one of the following setups

Warrior - Archers
Warrior - Archers
Warrior - Halberdiers
Seer - Chariots
Seer - Chariots


Warrior - Archers
Warrior - Archers
Seer - Halberdiers
Seer - Chariots
Seer - Chariots

You will need at least 1 legend at 70+, and the remaining 4 at 60+


You will need a minimum of the following troops, though you may find you lose less/more depending on the type of Famous City you are taking, the legends that you are facing, and your own legends levels

Archers: 60k+
Chariots 20k+
Halberdiers 80k+

It is normally around the 10 million rep mark that you have legends high enough to take on a Famous City solo, so always use that as a good marker for when you are ready, or simply invade a Famous City near you, and multiple your losses by 9 to see the number of idle troops you require.


Right so if you can happily tick all the above boxes, you may as well carry on reading as this is where it gets interesting! The basic fundemental thing you need to know when taking an FC is this:


The tax of an FC is at 20%, which means the loyalty sits happily at 80, when the dissent is at 0. Everytime you attack a Famous City, you increase the dissent by 10, so the aim would be to increase the dissent to 80 so that the loyalty falls to 0 to make the above forumla true.

This means that you need to hit a Famous City 8 times, and then wait for the loyalty to hit 0 before you attack for the 9th and final time. The other important thing to know is that you have a set amount of time to get this loyalty down to 0 before it resets to its normal level. The reset time is 12:00 midnight GMT 0 Server time. That is midnight for those of you living in the UK, which is also classed as the server time. You can view the server time via the highscores.

Selecting your Famous City and getting ready to attack

Its always recommended that you Divine wind next to your chosen Famous City. This means that you can get the travel time down to as low as 20 seconds, and get your 8 attacks over and done with in an extremely short space of time. Once you have chosen your Famous City, and hopefully moved as close as possible to it, its time to start building up those troops, and getting ready. I would recommend building a spare 5k archers, and sending your main legend the morning of your attacks solo. This will tell you the order that you will face the legends in the Famous City, as the order remains constant throughout the day.

Once you have established your order, you can rearrange your legends in attack formation that will ensure minimal losses. Make sure that each of your legends has an artefact that either reduces opponents army size by 5% or more, and increases the attack power of your troops by 5% or more. They will come in handy throughout the battles, and your stocked Renewals will make restoring your Legends mana easy.

Its important that you attack as early as you can. After making your 8 attacks it will take 6-8 hours for the loyalty to fully reach 0. It will no longer be displayed in a spy report once it reaches 0, then all you have to do is simply send your final attack and hey presto the Famous City is yours.

So your about to start your attacks! You've for your buffs ready, and your troops are stocked. You know the order of legends your facing. The first thing to do, is use Crg and Str Plaques on your legends, Crg on Warriors, Str on Seers. Then activate your boosts and bonus's, your fire shield and your war cry. Finally use any penants and Jade Baubles you have, and you're good to go!

I will not be writing up the best way to approach your battles, as i think that if i did that it would take away some of the surprise for you all. All ill say is that its recommended you use Hallys against Chariots, Chariots against archers.

The Different types of Famous City

For those that did not know, there are in fact 4 types of Famous City, the 4th type of course is yet to be added, so i will just walk you through the 3 current types of Famous City, and the difficulty level that you face when taking them:

Barb Famous Cities

Difficulty : Easy
Troops : Expert
Max Building level : 25

Shang Famous Cities

Difficulty : Medium
Troops : Skilled
Max Building level : 30

Zhou Famous Cities

Difficulty : Hard
Troops : Master
Max Building level : 25

The ideal setup is to have a Zhou and Shang Famous City. Combining the Master troops of a Zhou Famous city in the Shang Famous City, which offers better University research, gives you the ultimate fighting force, when led by Huang Feihu or Nezha, you are unstoppable!


Its late and im kinda tired, so if i miss anything out i apologise. But just leave a question and ill add the content as and when i get time. Im gonna sleep now, long day at work tomorrow!

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additional guide

Post  Vorgstrum on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:30 pm

Using your resources like you're supposed to lol! Guide:
First off if your not able to play every day do not read this thread.
If you want to have a massive army do not read this thread.

This is a Guide to how to use resources efficiently and to its utmost potential

The objective is to have high output and low resources

People generally have high output and yet have relatively less rep/exp etc. This is because you don't USE IT!

By now you should have decent amount of production. If your 'main' buildings are at 20ish, I suggest degrading stone to only 1/2 left (unless you need for 20k stone task)

If your resources is not going up, it means you're at over capacity of what you can hold. So use the resources! (excludes stone-except if you own a Famous)

For this argument, I will neglect stone, as this tends to build up over time overlimit (thru wildlands/invades mainly)

First continue building whatever is needed. Then build troops. Normally Id advise archers for wildlands, although it also depends on your 'sacrificing rate' (more on that in another guide)

Of course, you can invade/occupy other people for some resources to use.

If you are low on food, build archers
If you are low on wood, build chariots.
If you are low on copper, build archers

Resource buildings:
If you find yourself constantly low on food, build farms.
If you find yourself constantly low on wood, build lumber mills.
If you find yourself constantly low on gold, build villagers.
If you find yourself constantly low on copper, build archers. Yes archers. and copper mines...
(In the long run, it is suggested to build only farms)

Repeat above until you are drained of 2 resources instead of one.

Then repeat above until you are drained of 3 resources.

Then repeat until you are drained of gold, food, wood and copper.

Ideally, at this point, you should have already done 20k all resources. Then focusing on food production. Use your sub to achieve parts of 20k production if you cant wait that long.

You might think, ok so I have a large force, and its eating all the food! Well, kill it.(Or Click mobilize-for-food-t42.html )

By that I mean losing the least amount for the highest wildland kills. (Example if your killing level 6 wildlands with no loss, send the same legend to level 7s)

This gives you higher rep/exp gain rate, and lowers your food consumption now and again, so you can build more troops to resupply.

Remember, you want to sustain your army. Resupply the loses. Make the most out of your resources.


YO! It's How to Take a Famous City and More BRO! Guide:
All about Famous Cities

There are 3 alliances: Shang, Zhou and Man [Chu] (barbarians)

Each alliance’s famous cities have their differences.

1)Infrastructure and Technology level
a.Resource buildings and technology level will affect your resource output and the number and power of troops you can produce.
Shang’s famous cities have the best technological resource output and technology as it is currently the overlord. Their cities can research and build up to level 30. On the other hand, Zhou and Man can only research and build up to level 25.

a.Each famous cities cannot produce normal troops; different cities can produce different types of troops.
By will of the heavens, Zhou's troops are blessed by the gods. They have arguely the best troops of the 3 alliances.
[Zhou dynasty overtook Shang dynasty in history.]
The Mans grew up under harsh environment and have an extraordinary will and power. Thus, Man’s famous cities can produce troops which can be recruited very quickly and have above average stats than normal troops in attack and defence.

Refer to posts below for more evaluation.
b.Each famous cities have their strengths and weakness. None is necessarily stronger than the other.

3) Legends
Each famous city can recruit 1 famous legend with 30+ (most are 43) ability points. These legends are positioned according to the sides they are in.

SO if you are capable, I wish you good luck in recruiting ALL of them.
Zhuge Lii 14-Feb-2010 04:35:44
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Differences between normal and famous cities

1) Design (obviously)
a.Each famous city has a nicer design than normal cities so as to showcase their strengths .

2) Infrastructure
a.Currently, normal cities can only level buildings to level 20. Famous cities can achieve up to level 30.

Note: It is normal to have level 20 buildings. You are already at your maximum capacity. All that is left now is to collect legends, train them, get powerful equipments for them and participate in alliance war. However, if you wish to purchase “Adv.” items from the Jshop, you can upgrade your resource buildings to 25. This is useful for the next solo task after Special Paradise 4: Special paradise 5.

Check out my guide on this:

All about Special paradise

3) Difficulties
a.If you think special paradises are already hard enough, think again. Famous Cities are alot harder. Talk about mortals fighting gods.

4) Stronger troops
a.Famous cities allow you to recruit much more stronger troops. If you occupy different famous cities, you will be able to have different mixtures and combinations of troops!

5) Legends
a.Famous Legends are THE reasons why you want to occupy famous cities. These legends have much stronger abilities than your normal legends. Each famous city resides one famous legend. Collect them all today!

Note: The famous legends which occupy each famous city will only have a chance to appear on the legend's sanctuary. You will have to wait for it to appear before being able to recruit it.

The Legend flag would be very useful here so you might want to save them and use them when you manage to occupy a famous city.
Zhuge Lii 14-Feb-2010 04:35:59
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In order to take down a famous city, you need to have capable legends and a strong alliance. You must also be able to handle the occupation and development of the famous city effectively such as being able to fend off enemy attacks.

If you have what it takes, continue reading. If not, it is not too late to turn back.

1) First, a proper introduction.

Owner: Dixin
Max building level:30
Max technology level:30
Troops: Demon/Skilled troops

Owner: Jifa
Max building level:25
Max technology level:25
Troops:God/Master troops

Owner: Kuafu
Max building level:25
Max technology level:25
Troops:Barbarian/Expert troops
Strengths: Above average stats than normal troops. Fast production/recruitment rate.
Zhuge Lii 14-Feb-2010 04:36:07
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2) Famous Cities' limitations and ownership changes

Occupying famous cities will have some special rules attached to it.

Famous cities cannot build ally base, cannot station troops at allies’ cities, cannot be abandoned, cannot change name, cannot be moved and cannot be enslaved.
However, troops can be sent to occupy, invade, spy, explore and transport resources.

The first occupant of the famous cities shall have all types of buildings except for ally base,relay base,etc.
Palace and Rampacts will be at level 25 (30 for Shang).
All other buildings will be at level 10.

If the famous city gets occupied by another player, the buildings levels and research which the first player conducts will remain.

After a famous city gets occupied, it cannot be attacked for 2hrs.

A famous city takes a sub city spot. If you don’t have extra spot, you cannot occupy a famous city.

*Once a player attack a famous city, regardless of win or lose, the troops level will be restored to its original level.*

The initial loyalty of the people in famous cities is 80.
Each successful attack will reduce loyalty by 2 and increase dissent by 10.
Once loyalty is 0, player occupies the famous city.
The loyalty of the people is restored to 80 daily if no player manages to occupy the city.

You can recruit famous legends from the legend’s sanctuary who have 30+ ability points.

These rules will apply to all other players who wish to occupy famous city.
Zhuge Lii 14-Feb-2010 04:36:22
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If you have a place for a sub city and you attack a famous city, before you begin an attack on the famous city, you will be asked whether you will use city seal, which seals your city from attacks for 7 days. If you succeed in occupying a famous city, then the seal will activate. If you do not, your city seal will not activate.

>>>Strategies to defeat famous cities<<<

It is impossible to solo a famous city.

Alliance is the key to defeating famous cities.
The protection period is only for 2 hours making it very easy for enemies to steal the famous city.
Hence, this is what alliance are for!

In order to capture a famous city, you will need to attack successfully 9 times. For the first 8 times, the purpose is to make dissent in the famous city go to 80.

Loyalty+Dissent+Tax rate=100%


After the 8 attacks,
Loyalty= Decreases slowly to 0

Loyalty decreases by 1 point for every 6 minutes or 10 points for every hour. (rough estimate)

Your first 8 attacks will cause loyalty to drop to 80-2X8=64. This means that it will take about 6hrs 12 minutes for loyalty to drop to 2. When this happens, your final attack will allow you to take the famous city. Make sure you spy to ensure loyalty falls to 2 before launching your final attack.

However, it will take a long time in order to capture a famous city this way. If you want to cut short the time, the only way is to make more successful attacks.

Also, the long wait makes it very easy for people to steal your famous city. So be aware of the risks involved.

Keep in mind that you only have a day before loyalty & dissent resets so plan ahead.

It is also important to deploy the right type of troops.

If there are weaker players, these players can play the job of defending the cities of people who are attacking a famous city and sending resources, especially food.
Zhuge Lii 14-Feb-2010 04:45:52
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Summary/key points/tips:

1)The right to occupy famous cities is open to anyone. This means that even if you manage to capture a famous city, others can snatch it away from you. Of course you can be a scrooge and try to retain control of your famous cities forever. However, you will only waste time and resources in trying to defend your city from attacks. Talk about the entire world pouncing on you.

2)When trying to defend a famous city, your alliance cannot help you. This means that you will have to depend on yourself to defend against the entire world.

3)When you occupy a famous city, it is considered a sub city. This means that you will have to abandon one of your sub cities to acquire the famous city if you have the maximum number of sub cities.

4)You cannot activate VIP items such as Gold,jade tokens and charms in the famous city. This is to prevent abuses from Wall street.

5)Once you occupy a famous city, you will obviously be the target of everyone. So be prepared!

6)If you upgrade buildings and research skills while in the famous city, and you lose control of the famous city (ie others have taken over your famous city), what you have researched and built WILL BE RETAINED. This means that you could potentially be helping them and making it harder for you to get back your famous city. Be careful.
Zhuge Lii 14-Feb-2010 04:46:02
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Guide is completed.

If you have any ideas/ strategies, feel free to contribute.
I would really appreciate players' feedback.

If you find any mistakes, feel free to correct me! I may not be 100% correct on everything. This is for you as a reader to contribute!

*No response makes me feel my efforts aren't worth it.*
*Make me think otherwise!*

Final words: If you are an alliance leader, you might want to start deciding which famous city to attack and occupy the flatlands before it gets filled.

All the best and post your achievements in Legendary Deeds!

Special thanks to:
Jagex for allowing F2P to post and also for publishing this great game
Jmods for building the community and supporting this game.
Free labour bills pl0x!
WOL developers for working so hard
WOL players for your time and commitment without which this guide wouldn't been made

!~~Special Mention~~!
This list is to thank players who have contributed greatly to this thread:
Steve Owens (Royal Garden)
theoldname (Royal Garden)
Bingomaster (Royal Garden)
Zhuge Lii 14-Feb-2010 04:46:11
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1) What I would really like to know is how many times you have to successfully conquest the famous city before you manage to occupy it?
Whatever it takes to get their loyalty to 0. You will face the same troop level each time.

2) if you were to compare a famous city to special paradises what level would be equal to that of a famous city?
Depends on your strategy on how you plan to lower the famous cities' loyalty.

3) what does master expert and skill change in a legend?
Famous legends are basically the same except that they have higher ability points. There might also be unique items for specific legends only.

4) How much harder are master and expert troops?
Do a run of special paradise.

5) So your alliance is unable to station troops at famous cities?

6) If you research something to level 30, and then lose the city, do you still get the bonus from the level 30 skill even though you dont own the city anymore?
Of course not.

7) Can I transport resources from my main/sub to famous city?
Zhuge Lii 14-Feb-2010 04:46:20
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How do I become the ultimate ruler?! IMO...
Shang has the best technology. Zhou has the best troops.
Zhou needs Shang's technology and resources and Shang needs Zhou's troops.
Man benefits from Shang more because of fast production rates and above average stats.

Spy reports of famous cities (Pip8184)
The spies you dispatched have succeeded in gathering information on Yima County(108,331).
Information obtained:
Resource information:
Iron: 5000000
Stone: 5000000
Wood: 5000000
Food: 5000000
Population: 2516
Gold : 22834000
Loyalty: 80

Building information:
WoodYield: 10 (timber mill)
FoodYield: 10 (farm)
IronYield: 10 (copper mine)
StoneYield: 10 (quarry)
Palace: 25
Rampart: 25
WorkShop: 10 (armoury)
IronHouse: 10 (smithy)
College: 10 (university)
RecruitHouse: 10 (sanctuary)
Depot: 10 (warehouse)
Hotel: 10 (pavilion)
Market: 10
House: 10 (village)
SignalFire: 10
Dak: 10 (relay station)
Stable: 10
Parade: 10
SkirmisherBarrack: 10 (spy camp)
Barrack: 10 (garrison)

Garrison information:
*Qing Xu]: Level 47 Armies: Master Archers Quantity: 6179
[Zhou Monk]: Level 38 Armies: Master Halberdiers Quantity: 9160
[Zhou Soldier]: Level 38 Armies: Master Archers Quantity: 4604
[Zhou Seer*: Level 38 Armies: Master Swordsmen Quantity: 4677
[Zhou General]: Level 40 Armies: Master Charioteers Quantity: 2368

Skill information:
FeelTechLevel: 10
LeadSoldierTechLevel: 10
ProtectTechLevel: 10
GeneralStrainTechLevel: 10
GeneralHabitusTechLevel: 10
AttackTechLevel: 10
TrainingTechLevel: 10
StorageTechLevel: 10
FortificationTechLevel: 10
DeliveryTechLevel: 10
AlchemyTechLevel: 10
SmeltTechLevel: 10
DigTechLevel: 10
LopTechLevel: 10
GrowTechLevel: 10
GodmanTechLevel: 10
RackTechLevel: 10
ClairaudientTechLevel: 10
ClairvoyanceTechLevel: 10

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