ned is very cool i like it how he help Mel if jims not there.

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ned is very cool i like it how he help Mel if jims not there.

Post  nikicruise on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:31 pm

Next to supernatural, ghost whisper is one of my favorite shows. I never miss any episode of it.
I need to know everything about it. And I think this show have a great negative influence on me. When I saw the episode 1, I have totally crashed into Grandview, but I love Ander too. I remember at the season 2 finale, when Mel died, I feel so sad about it, because I don’t want this show just ended like this. Hopefully, there is season 3.and then, I brought the season 1 and season 2 DVDs. waiting for the season 3 to debut. I couldn’t talk about the ghost whisper, it so amazing, and I force my good friends to watch it, and then discuss this with me (a little crazy?) I think this show have the ability to driving people to crazy. But I calm down when the season 3 comes. I think that would be an awesome finale for the season 3. My favorite episode in season 3 was the first one I thought the e-rays where freely. I have not found my favorite episode in season 4 yet. My favorite character is Mel I like the way she uses her gift for good and stuff.jim is my second favorite cater I like the way he thinks that he helps Mel by saving lives that is so sweet. I like dallier but sometimes she could be a bit mean to Mel the way I see it but I guess she kiss cool.ned is very cool i like it how he help Mel if jims not there.

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