Dean Winchester,can’t help to love him

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Dean Winchester,can’t help to love him

Post  elvashow1 on Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:46 pm

I just want to say the director of supernatural is really having a good choice. It is reported that Jensen is comes for the role of Sam at the first audition, but at the end, he thinks Jensen is better for dean, what a wise choice. And I think Jared looks like gentle, considerate, it is better for him to act Sam. I think dean is the best speak man of dean, handsome, and naughty.
I think most people think dean is more tough between the two brothers….the reason is dean is a better fighter and can protect Sam (that’s what important).But actually, compare to Sam want to be normal, dean is more like a normal, he is funny, love to eat, and have a big crush on the beauty, a little gossip, and a hot fun of TV series..he can count so many name of TV series….that’s what a normal American boy. And dean loves the family so much, in his real world, it always Sammy and dad. Since he was a little kid…the main job of him is to protect Sam and hunting, he never living for himself. He always trying to be a good son, a good brother, so john can put aside his boys goes hunting alone. Sam can leave home to go Stanford, pursuit what’s he want. I think nobody cares about what dean can do …he is so lonely. So at the first time he fined john disappears, he find Sam at his first thought. so ,when Maggie set up for them. Cheat on them the war is going to over, Sam said he want to go back to college life. Dean is really pissed off…that’s the first time I saw dean so angry about Sam…just because he is only want to be with his family, but Sam always wants be to free.
One thing for sure, Sam is stronger than dean. Dean once said:”I know, if I died, you must be very awful but you will go to live. But if you die, I can’t live”(what a brother), so when Sam is going to die, Dean immediately go to the cross road and trade with the demon. Every time when i heard the demon said:”you own nothing except Sam ” makes me feel so sad
I feel so touched when i watch this show .I love Dean. I love to see him love to eat. I love the contact with dean and Sam. I love the pissed off dean. Love dean always.

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