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Post  psycenigma on Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:36 am

Whats the difference between explore and search?

Exploring a wildland gives items

Points to know about explore;
The level of legend AFFECTS exploration.
The number of troops DOES affect exploration outcome

Best way to use ur explore:
When you on online for a period;
1 hr explores when you are online gives best opportunity.

But when you are logging out a 12 hr explores before sleeping is the way to go
(obviously then longer the explore period adds to you chances for a drop)

Where as searching gives legends, it also gives legacy scrolls which unlock tasks, these tasks give legends with 30+ability.

Search tasks are a little difficult but the reward is worth it.
The reward of the tasks (depending on which scroll you get) varies from a 31 -39 ability legend.


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