Managing Legends

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Managing Legends

Post  Vorgstrum on Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:39 pm

First off is choosing the legends you want to keep. Dismiss all legends below 28/29 Ability, and do not recruit any below this level of ability. Later on you will be dismissing all legends below 30 ability, with few exeptions.
Your Main Legend Your main legend is the one with your username. If they are a Monk, construct a legends pavilion and set them as governor. When they level up, assign all their potential points to Magic. If they are a Seer, assign all of their potential points to Strategy. You will be assigning them to charioteers later in the game. If they are a Warrior, assign all their potential points to Courage. The Warrior class is believed to be the best class for your main legend, as you will be using them for battles and farming reputation from wildlands. Assign archers to awarrior legend.
Obtaining Legends You will find that it is near impossible to find a good ability legend in your legend sanctuary. This paragraph will tell you how to obtain non-famous legends with reasonable ability. The first and most common way is through attacking wildlands and clearing special paradises. Level 8/9 wildlands may hold legends with just over 30 ability, while level 10 wildlands and most special paradise floors may hold legends with up to and around 35 ability. The other way is recruiting them through your legend sanctuary in a Famous City. There is a small chance for the cities Famous Legend to appear - the legend is different for each Famous City. This is where legend flags are most useful, they refresh the list of legends available forrecruiting.
Famous Legends Famous Legends are stronger, and hold more troops than regular legends. In return, they require double the payment and their names cannot be changed. The easiest Famous Legens to obtain are Skylark, Golden Lark and Biqao Tongzi. You can aquire ONE of these legends by completing the legend task found under the Legends tab in the task menu. Once you have completed the small Task chain, you may open the rewarded token and receive one of the famous legends stated above. There is a 33.333% chance to get each legend. Other Famous Legends may inclue Nezha, aWarrior with 45 (yes, 45) ability, and Huang Feihu. Note that both of these legends require you complete a super-long task chain that may require thousands of Jcredits, or years of clearing paradises.

Your main legend should be your strongest legend. This is because they require no payment, unlike other legends which will deprive you of your gold.

If you have any more information on Manaing legends, or anything relating to legends, please take the time to post here and your information will be added.[/i]

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