Alliance Rules!!!

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Alliance Rules!!!

Post  Gatherhog on Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:51 am

1)How to act as a new member in Guild.
a)Be aware of your behavior, there are people besides the screen with feelings, it is not good to offend them.

b)Flooding and Spamming in Alliance chat is strictly forbidden.

c)Don't beg too much, I know some of you are new and need resources and we are here to help you, but we have to take care of our own cities as well.

2)How NOT start wars with your neighbors.

a)As it is stated many times, DO NOT attack wild-lands owned by the alliances we are in NAP with, don't even spy at them, nothing, not even take the lands they just invaded and want to occupy later, just let them be there.

b)DO NOT attack players in the TOP 10 alliances, if you want to attack someone in a guild make sure he is inactive or ask an officer if you can attack them. And if he mails you to stop do so.

3)Don't go out in WC and be bragging about the guild and putting other guilds now doing so. It makes us look bad and stirs up resentment.

4)Not recruit in WC unless your an officer or asked to.

5) Keep the guild chat PG13 and leave it to our leader to be the line crosser, but if you cross it, don't cross the line too much and BURN the other side down while your there.

6)Don't sit in Guild chat and brag about your Legends etc. If you get something new or people are discussing them and you are showing examples GREAT.

7)If you have a question .. ask.. if you have a bunch or questions read the forum FIRST.

8 ) Peps with more then 150 hours offline will be kicked, although you can re-apply later

Violation of these rules will make us to warn you* or even boot you =]

Now you can enjoy your game =]

* After several warnings if your behavior remains the same we will boot you

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