Planning a war ... part one .. Preparing for war.

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Planning a war ... part one .. Preparing for war.

Post  Sirdaumon on Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:19 pm

OK ... So you got the word there is a war coming soon. No idea who your fighting or even why yet. So lets start out with a few simple comments.

First, YOUR guild only goes to war if there is a good reason to not just for the fun of it. So if you here there is one then its time to get ready for it and to be prepared to go where and when asked.

Second, No we do not keep information on whats going on from people to keep you confused or in the dark. Some things are best kept to the fewest number of people to deal with. We will explain the why, the how, the when and the where when its time. YOu will know whats up .. fully and will be informed. Just best not to have the enemy .. find out to soon.

Third, If you have time to build up troops and save materials up Do so. Most of the time you will have a Peace Agreement or a NAP <non Agression pact> with other guild near you.

Fourth, Do NOT .. PLEASE DEAR GOD >>> do not jump the gun and start attacking members of the guild you think or are even sure are going to be our enemies til the time is right. Better the whole guild attacks at once than have one person tip our hand and attack early. or the wrong targets altogether.


OK now for troop build up .. Geez .. what do i need .. Archers .. mortors, Demonic Ninja assiaians? There is no one correct single troop type. But some have preference
over others. It also can depend on your legends and what your highest Numbers are.
If you have a legend with a HIGH CR then go with archers and chariots. These are your heavy hitters or your shock troops. If your legend has a high STAT then plan to load them up with more troops but most liekly Swords or Hallies.

On the OFFENSIVE you always your high CR legends out front. You want Archers, archers and some more archers. One unit of Chariots is good if you can afford it.
But even on offensive its good to also have som Hallies and maybe some swords along for the fight. Ill explain why later.

On the defensive you want troops with Good Defense So High STAT ... Some archers and some shileds and lots of hallies.

So why do I need a mix of troop types .. Geez dont I want all archers .. nice and simple and going to get you killed easy.

OK if you have not fought in high end wildlands or against an active ressiting player you might not have experienced this yet. So ill explain. Each type of troop has someone they are more vulnerable too in taking damage. SO the idea is to always put the troops out that are most likely to cause your neemy the most damage ofr what ever troops he is using. lets say I have troops like this vs an enemy:

Legend 1 4K archers Enemy 1 5K Archers
Legend 2 4K archers Enemy 2 4K Archers
Legend 3 9K hallies Enemy 3 4K Archers
Legend 4 4K sword Enemy 4 7K Hallies
Legend 5 2K chariots Enemy 5 2K Chariots

First round you both are going to be archer vs archer .. no real way to change that. Just hope you do as much damage as you can. BUT who do you want up in the second round ... win or loss the first round who is going to fight for you in the second. WELL its going to be your second group of archers UNLESS you set someone else to come up instead of them. So when the first fight is still going on lets assume you decide to bring up your SWORDS under legend 4 to fight second. You can do this by clicking on the legend and then clicking the little sword icon that appears. this puts that legend up next. Why swords you ask. Cause they take less damage from archers and are likely to cause alot of damage to the archers in return. So for the third round who comes up .. my guess is he is going to try slipping his chariots in to kill your swords rathert than let them face his third group of archers. So you send out your Hallies. A huge unit of hallies will do wicked damage to his nice new chariots.

So by swichtching troops out you gain an advantage over your numbers and might seriously hurt or defeat this guys army.

>>>> Part 2 .. coorditaing attacks


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