Defending an Alliance

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Defending an Alliance

Post  Sirdaumon on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:15 pm

There are alot of questions people ask about what to do when you are being attacked. Before the Invasion begins you can do things to prevent it from almost every happeneing. So lets start with how to avoid being attacked in the first place.
So why does someone attack you to begin with? There are a few basic reasons.

1) You 'threatened' them - either spying on and/or attacking someones city, sub city or any of their wildlands is a threat to them. It does not matter if they are smaller or larger than you. They have the right to attack you if they are attacked.

>> If you do so then send them an email .. explain it was a mistake. Apoligies for the incedent and promise it will not be repeated. Then Live up to that promise.

2) You are an inviting target If you have weak defenses and can be spied on easily your an inviting target. if they see you have alot of easy to steal resources its far to easy to raid you to take them. So the best thing to do is to not let them see the resources just sitting around to be taken.

>> If you are about to log out then spend all the resources you can .. build anything you can thats useful when you go to bed. so its done when you log back in. Plus it uses all these attention getting resources up. Food and wood draw the most attention because people want more troops ... so dont leave it to be taken.

>>> If you have alot of resources in your city when your about to be attacked then drop them into the Alliance only portion of the MARKET. put a 999 at the end of the price and reclaim them after you are attacked. LET everyone know in allaince chat you are being attacked and posting your resources to the market. PLEASE dont ever buy any resources that have odd pricing .. like a 999 at the end. Its a guild member expecting to get them back after they are invaded.

3) Oppss .. its a War. Some ELSE started a war with your guild and the one thats attacking you. LOL .. well in this case there is nothing you can do to prevent it if you ddi not break one of the above rules and cause it.

Ok so you have done what you could to avoid an attack and it happens anyway. So now what do you do. FIRST, dont attack them back. Save your troops to defend since you will cause them more damage on your home ground than on theirs. Second, let the guild know .. we will help out any way we can.

We can talking to the person attacking you to get them to stop.

garrion troops in your town to help you protect yourself and your city.

attack him if he does not stop.

NOW .. that the bad news is some time you get farmed by someone to big for us to attack openly. One member being farmed is not a good reason to start a war that will get EVERYONE farmed. So what do you do when the 800# gorilla camps on you ..

we call it turtling ...

Keep your head down .. keep your resources used up ... dont even defend your city .. you cannot stop him and only burn up troops needlessly. Even defending yourself gives him EXP .. which you dont want to give him anything. When he attacks and come way with NO gold, no resources and not even any experience or rep for beeting your troops then he get tired quickly of wating the time coming to visit. So you and your troop sit in the fox holes, hide and wait for him to go beat up someone else. its boring, annoying and a real pain bit when its over you and your army get back to business and you go on.

Making any fight personal is only going to hurt you .. play the game .. enjoy yourself ... and weather the farmers when it happens. just dont make it personal between you and the other person. dont email them unless its to ask Hey did I do something wrong? If you get no responce or a just business replay accept it anc go on. Making it personal ... gets you and the guild into trouble .


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